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Slow Flow Yoga
The postures tie together the mind and the body. This class includes sun salutation as well as standing, sitting and lying postures. The emphasis is on the importance of the breath and the flow of the practice. If you are new to yoga or would like to explore more deeply your existing practice you are welcome to attend. We look forward to sharing this time with you.

Gentle Yoga
A slow gentle flow using simple postures. Learning a few postures at a time we will spend time on alignment, relaxation and softening tight areas of the body.

Postures and Alignment
This class helps to keep your body healthy and safe, with a focus on alignment and core strength.

Restorative Yoga
This class helps you to unwind while increasing flexibility and strength. Most postures are done with props while reclining or sitting.

Soul Yoga
Soul Yoga combines Kundalini yoga with deep emotional processing. We will use breath, meditation, prayer, journalling and yoga to help us begin to feel and release the layers of unhealed emotion that exist within us. This release, with the help of yoga, gives us freedom and allows us to experience who we truly are, which leads to a happier and more peaceful existence.

Yoga Clinic
The emphasis in this class is to help the student with issues that cannot be covered in a regular class. This class works with each students specific needs, so students work on their own individually designed practices.

Yoga Foundations
Foundations of Yoga is suitable for the students in their first year and beyond.
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